Developing Relationships With All Downline Levels In Network Marketing

Some of your income in network marketing is made through the development of a team. Depending on the company and the compensation plan, it’s possible to have downline members several levels deep.

Having a relationship with each and every member of your team, regardless of what level they are is important in keeping your team as strong as you can.

There are several reasons to know who is in your group and to introduce yourself. We are in a relationship business. As an upline leader you’ll have many relationships. You’ll have relationships with existing and potential customers, leads and downline.

As a distributor there is a lot of comfort in knowing that you have many people to rely on for help and support. It might be that the distributor does not click with the immediate upline. It might be that the distributor can’t reach the immediate upline. It might be that the distributor is looking for someone in the town you live in. Whatever the reason, I’ve never met a distributor anywhere who has said it was detrimental having a relationship with each member of their upline.

There are times that someone will resign as a distributor. If this happens, you want the team of the ex-distributor to feel no effect of their immediate upline leaving.

Have you ever learned something and realized that while you’d heard the words before it never sunk in like it did this time? It’s because whoever spoke to you this time put the words into an order that made perfect sense to you. Each of us is unique in what we hear and how we speak. So your way of teaching something to someone might be just what they needed.

By encouraging your group to have relationships with everyone upline from them, they have the opportunity to connect with and learn from multiple people.

Try building relationships with your entire team, regardless of where they fall in your downline. I’m certain you’ll see your team grow stronger.