Four Home Air Duct Cleaning Myths Dispelled

There are several myths surrounding the cleaning of air ducts. It might be a good idea to read these myths before you decide to hire a home air duct cleaning contractor for your home.

Dirty home air ducts are directly related to health problems.
According to the EPA, there is no evidence to suggest that dirty home air ducts cause health problems. However, it would seem that excess dust entering your home could over time, cause issues with your lungs. While there is no evidence to prove dirty home air ducts are the cause of health problems, it might be safe to say they certainly can be a cause. So, Before you decide that you or your family’s health problems are the from dirty home air ducts, you should visit a doctor, to find out if your symptoms are related to unclean indoor air or excess dust, and then have your home air ducts inspected.

Home air ducts are the main source of dust and pollutants entering your home.
Home air ducts are only one way that dust and pollutants enter your home. There are a host of other ways, including ventilation, cooking, and dirt tracked in from outside.

If your heating or cooling vents are covered in dust, you need to clean your home air ducts.
Heating and cooling grates are designed to catch dust, and simply because they are dirty, is not a reason to clean your home air ducts. You should have your home air ducts inspected by a professional home air duct contractor, before you decide to clean your air ducts.

You Should Clean Your Home Air Ducts Every Year.
It is not recommended to clean your home air ducts every year. Most home air duct systems only need to be cleaned once every two or three years. In some cases you should have them inspected regularly. If you use a fuel burning stove or furnace, it is a good idea to have your home air ducts inspected before each heating season for cracks or leaks that could release harmful toxins into your home.