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This evening the Carlsbad School Board will determine who actually gets to load the vacancy kept by Kelli Moors’ departure. Republican Sage Naumann has requested the positioning. What follows is a recent talk to with Naumann.

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  • September sixteenth the Carlsbad Institution Board will.
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Guest Column Lately Sage Naumann, a Republican choice for Carlsbad Unified College Table, created this news for pointing out a existing an affiliate the Board (Kelli Moors) voted to extend a 6 physique contract into a lawyer she took employment with just time after the vote. The storyline obtained ample insurance coverage because of Sage how the Board chose to re-vote around the deal. It was no real surprise if you ask me that Sage was the only person to hook this or simply how much doing the correct point mattered to Sage. Sage Naumann School Board

I met Sage approximately this past year and possess been surprised by his determination to higher his group educational institutions with his fantastic figure like a applicant. He is the level of directly-forwards, difficulty-fixing new breed of Republican applicant that is much more concerned performing what exactly is right instead of his private aspirations.

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Sept . sixteenth the Carlsbad College Table will appoint a replacement for Ms. Moors. To support Sage and for more information on the scheduled appointment: Sage Carlsbad

Newman Sage Naumann Carlsbad Sage

Here is Sage in their own words and phrases.

Is Sage in their own

Q: Would you participate in college in Carlsbad? That which was your practical experience like?

Sage: My initial Carlsbad university encounter was with Primary Boone and his fantastic personnel of educators at Magnolia Primary. Sage Naumann

I came to Magnolia Elementary, Aviara Oaks Basic, Valley Midst, after which Carlsbad Great, investing all but four years of my education in Carlsbad. I needed a great overall expertise, walked apart with good friends I’ll keep for years, capabilities which will lighting my course, along with a pride inside my region and my city. That’s a huge explanation I want to make sure that CUSD has well balanced finances as well as a sustainable upcoming, in order that we could give each youngster a top quality education, and make certain that they leave happy and able to achieve their lifestyle targets.

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Q: What exclusively relating to your personal political thinking making you a Republican?

To your personal political thinking

Sage: I really believe in smaller, efficient government. I really believe the free of charge industry is highly recommended the truly amazing equalizer, not the federal government. I think which our financial obligations must be stored in a acceptable levels and paid back in because of time. I really believe within the unalienable rights that the forefathers transcribed into our founding documents. Sage Carlsbad

I really believe in this particular country. In my opinion within our constitution. I really believe inside the free of charge market. It’s so simple.

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  1. Q: What exclusively relating to your personalized politics beliefs enables you to a Republican?.
  2. September 16th the Carlsbad Institution Table will appoint an alternative for Ms. Moors. To support Sage and for additional.