Micro-tech Hearing Aids_ Your Interests At Heart

Micro-Tech began in 1986 as a subsidiary of the international hearing devices leader, Starkey Laboratories. Located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Micro-Tech was established with the intent of supplying the hearing-impaired with compact, fashionable Micro-tech hearing aids which in spite of their dimensions could achieve superior sound clarity.

In the interests of implementing that standard, the components used in Micro-tech hearing aids are of exceptional quality, and include gold battery contacts hybrid microchips. Every Micro-tech hearing aid is subject to rigid quality control testing as well.

Micro-Tech even funds the annual trip which some of its audiologists take to Mexico, where they fit indigent hearing-impaired individuals with Micro-Tech hearing aids.

Audiologists are also important contributors to the development of innovative technologies for the users of for Micro-Tech hearing aids, and Micro-Tech is involved in providing educational programs for hearing professionals through several institutions including the American Academy of Audiology.

Micro-Tech Innovations

Some of the Micro-Tech hearing aid innovations have included the remarkable proprietary DiRx directional technology which allows Micro-Tech hearing aids users to adjust their microphones in the directions of a speaker, both providing extra clarity to his or her words and shutting out noises coming from other directions. The Caballo, Denali, and Dx3 Micro-Tech hearing aids can all be constructed with DiRx capability.

Micro-Tech was also responsible for introducing one of the earliest completely-in-canal, or CIC, hearing devices. The first of the CIC Micro-Tech hearing aids appeared in 1993, and has been followed by nearly fifteen years of advancements in compact but technologically sophisticated hearing devices. CIC Micro-Tech hearing aids can be built at their cutting edge laboratory to include any of Micro-Tech digital circuitry.

Micro-Tech has even designed its own line of batteries to use with Micro-Tech hearing aids, with gold-plated contacts to guarantee maximum conductivity.

Micro-Tech and Kids

Micro-Tech, in an attempt to ease the discomfort of children who have been diagnosed with hearing impairment, will provide a “custom care package” for delivery with the child’s behind the ear Micro-Tech hearing aid. The packages can include everything from stickers and removable tattoos to coloring books and plush animals–and they are all free!

To help children learn responsibility for taking care of their Micro-Tech hearing aids, Micro-Tech offers Mr. BTE, a plush frog-like doll with secret pockets, one of which contains a dehumidifier for the hearing aid. Mr. BTE costs $15.00.

Micro-Tech’s concern for the impoverished hearing impaired n Mexico and its “custom care packages” are only two signs that it is a company with a heart, to which customer service will always be the top priority.