Tech Gadgets Mysteries, What Is An Endoscope_

An Endoscope is medical equipment used to view the internal organs of the body. Your doctor uses it in a procedure called endoscopy. But that’s not to say it’s use is purely medical and there are a number of home kits available for home health and science purposes.

What it is

An endoscope is a long, thin and flexible tube with a torch and camera. The video camera takes films your internal organs for foreign objects or disease.

How it works

Video taken by the endoscope is relayed to a screen from where your doctor observes. He makes the right conclusions about your illness. Home endoscope kits are not as powerful but can give you interesting looks at enclosed spaces and as most are attached to a computer it makes saving the pictures relatively easy.

A flexible Endoscope

An endoscope helps your doctor solve sicknesses such as breathing disorders, chronic diarrhea, urinary tract infections, stomach ulcers, internal bleeding and the removal of other objects that may be in your body.


When considering buying an endoscope:

Look for:
* It must be flexible
* It must have an efficient lighting system to enable you see the internal organs clearly,
* It must have a lens for transmitting the images to the screen
* An extra space that allows other medical equipment needed in your treatment get in.

If you’re having some internal problems due to a condition, or want to have surgery, the endoscope comes in handy. Don’t give too much thought over how you will get treated. Once your doctor has the images of your internal organs, the rest is relatively easy.