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With 2017 still refreshing underway, you can't assist but wonder

  • Brands have already been so distracted by sign-up control keys and navigation to show that.
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  • Framework, layout, colours, UI, typography ... everything seems to change. A single minute we're.
  • And how could you not wonder?.

What website design trends are we going to see this calendar year?

And how can you not wonder?

Technology and exactly how individuals communicate with it is continuously transforming.

Framework, design, colours, UI, typography ... everything seems to change. A single moment we're using Comic Without as well as the following we're told that Comic Without is really a no-no.

To change

So rather than being remaining within the dust and saddled with the Comic Without of web design, let's take a look at what we can expect for your newest website design developments.

1. Bold and Bright Colours

Everything is more and more colorful. Properly, your website pages as well as your applications are. Much more brand names are turning to utilizing bright, strong colors to create a statement with their brand.

Instagram's doing it. Snapchat is becoming much more colorful than it currently was.

And why not?

Technology brand names are constantly bragging about how their latest-and-best plaything has amazing - no, past amazing - color shows.

If they're overflowing with color, brands should take advantage of it.

With color brands should

They definitely won't be the last brands you'll see amp up their color game.

2. Duotone Gradient Images

Speaking of colours, do you notice that increasingly more websites are choosing to make use of duotone gradients in their images?

You understand, slapping two enthusiastic shades together and then mixing and blurring them into various satisfying spectra.

It's simple yet so effective.

Colors actually are the way of the future. And why not? Colors evoke different feelings and emotions. Brands have known this for years.

It's only natural we carry on doing this. Fortunately, it's aesthetically pleasing.

Natural we carry on

3. Much more GIFs, Animated graphics, and Video clips

This shouldn't become a surprise when it comes to website design developments.

People like videos. People like GIFs. Individuals like animation.

It's easy to understand why - animation can express a note much simpler than pure textual content.

They could show you how something functions or disclose the information in a meaningful way.

With video takeover of the internet, increasingly more brands will look to add a youtube video of some sort to their page to convey a note.

4. Hand-Drawn Elements

Hands-driven components are generating a splash in the newest web design developments. What do you anticipate from an designer? They create artwork plus they doodle.

Newest web design developments What do

Now some brands are incorporating hand-driven elements (or doodles) as typefaces, symbols, images and buttons to provide a more human being, characteristic contact for their brand.

It truly is quite charming.

5. Concentrating on Content material

Another web design pattern we're viewing is really a more of a focus on the actual content material from the website itself.

Brands have been so distracted by sign-up buttons and navigation to show they have practically everything you could ever need to know about a subject on their own website that it's turn into a chaos.

Now it appears like brand names are taking a step back again and doing some spring cleaning.

Brands are stripping back all the in-your-face bonuses on their own site by either simplifying the extras or getting them away altogether.

Bonuses on their own site by either

This really is welcome news, as it will allow you to focus on the content from the site.

6. Farewell to Level Style, Hello Creativity

Level style has been very popular in 2016. It allowed you to create a beautiful, but easy web site interface.

Who wouldn't want that?

Well, as you'd expect, everybody desired this kind of layout.

It's leading to every thing to look exactly the same, which is making it tired and boring. Where's the charm? The personality?

So an internet site design pattern in 2017 looks to be creativity. Making a website distinctive and captivating again.

7. Authentic Pictures

Those cheesy, phony photos the thing is circulating the web might actually reduce.

Sorry lady giggling with greens (we realize you're lying, anyhow).

Rather, brand names and designers will be much more cautious with regards to carry photos and opting for hiring a expert photographer to represent their brand name.

It's a delightful web design trend. You know carry photos are phony and cheap so you're not necessarily going to purchase it, are you currently?

You know carry photos

8. Geometric Shapes, Outlines, and Patterns

Shapes, lines, and designs are departing their marks on web sites. Even if it's minimum, like with an easy circle or a few lines or dots, it's creating an impact.

So much so that it's becoming a web design pattern to incorporate some kind of shape or group of shapes in your style.

Some popular shapes you may have noticed consist of:






It's hip, it's modern.

9. Strong Typography

Not practically strong, but a bold choice in typography choice.

Typography is definitely likely to be warm for web design. We all know that typography could make or break a glance (we're taking a look at you, Comic Sans).

What's a bit different in this web design trend is that in 2016, designers had been becoming strong and using different types of typefaces instead of your standard Helvetica.

Been becoming strong and

Some are even using typography for contrast. Pairing each serif typefaces and low-serif typefaces with each other.


It really is a huge deal with regards to typography.

10. Device Flexibility

Increasingly more, we're becoming more of the mobile-centric world. We're always connected to our phones. Tablets, as well.

To accommodate our mobile phone planet, web sites are working to become much more versatile and adjust adequately to whatever device you're utilizing via sensitive website design.

Phone planet web sites are working

It's one of those things web site designers are going to have to hop on table with. Not everyone is on the desktop computer or laptop anymore.

2017 Web Design Developments Cover Up

So, what do you think of 2017's website design developments? Could they be astonishing? Are they bold?

Do you feel inspired and itching to revamp your site? Do you need assist with your website?

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If you're feeling stuck or simply need help taking your website to the next level, contact us! We'll be glad to help you reach your complete possible together with your web site as well as your brand.

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  1. 7. Authentic Pictures.
  2. If they're overflowing with color, brands should make the most of it..