Yuneec Q500 Drone 4K Drone Review

I’ve been flying Yuneec’s Q500 Drone 4K quadcopter for many several weeks. It’s the total package from what you would like and expect from the drone for that serious consumer. I’m an enormous fan and all sorts of-aboard the Yuneec train.

I had been brought to Yuneec in April 2015 at NAB and also got the opportunity to check out the Q500 series last fall. This review is lengthy past due however the recent cost drops over the Drone line make sure they are more appealing than ever before and also have nudged me to get the word out relating to this great little drone.

The flight and image capture experience is much like what you’ll get from the DJI Phantom series drone. The greatest and many important difference for me personally may be the incorporated ST10 transmitter from Yuneec.

The ST10 transmitter includes a built-in Android device having a 5.5? touchscreen directly on the leading from the controller. The additional worth of this seamless consumer experience should make the cost to become a minimum of around 200 dollars greater than similar drones within the category. However, the Q500 series complement carefully using the competition – and in some cases, Yuneec’s drones are less costly.

To make use of the SteadyGrip, you need to remove the CGO3 camera in the Q500’s body and fix it towards the SteadyGrip handle. Then, you connect your camera for your mobile phone while using CGO3 application. You’ll obtain a live look at your camera image and you may alter the camera recording settings. It really works well and it is another added value towards the Drone Q500 package.

The flying experience is much more satisfying because of the built-in screen within the transmitter. There aren’t any exterior devices to pair or mount on your transmitter. Sturdy as seamless of the process as possible expect from the drone that gives realtime video and telemetry data in to the palm of the hands.

The touchscreen interface enables you to adjust camera settings and switch the timepiece Me and Follow Me functions on just by tapping the on-screen icons. They are pretty incredible features that allow you to fly the drone whichever direction you would like and it’ll remain pointed to you (in Watch Me) mode. As well as in Follow Me mode, the drone flies itself because it tracks your movement. It’s almost too simple while using the drone’s Smart mode.

In Smart mode, whenever you press the stick from you, the drone flies from you no matter how the drone is pointing.

Obviously, you may choose to fly outdoors of Smart mode and take full charge of the drone with Position mode by flipping a turn on the controller. When you’re in Position mode, the drone’s directional control is not in accordance with you whenever you push the control sticks. It flies in accordance with the nose from the drone, which may be disorienting for brand new users.

The Yuneec Q500 Drone 4K over-delivers all the way through. At this time, there’s no simpler method to capture high-quality aerial photos and video. When it comes to value, I do not think there’s something that can touch it right now. The integrated visible on the ST10 transmitter sets the Q500 Drone models aside from all of those other pack.

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