12 Simple Tips for Moving House

1.) Write an inventory. Go room to room listing what you will be taking with you. This will help when contacting removals companies so they will be able to give you the best quote for the amount you need to move. If hiring your own van, it will help you decide what size van you require.

2.) It’s never too soon to start packing. Pack away everything that is not a necessity. If you don’t need to use it every day, it can get stored for moving.

3.) Use up the food in your freezer and remember to turn it off in advance of moving so it can defrost. If you need to buy food, buy only fresh or cupboard items.

4.) Label boxes. This sounds like such an obvious thing to do but it can really help with the process. Write which room each box is going in for easy unpacking and also write roughly what the contents are. Another idea, one which can keep children occupied, is to get them to doodle on the boxes. Tell them to draw what is going inside it and then they’ll know exactly where all their things are.

5.) As soon as you know you are moving to a new place, talk to the children about it. Make sure that they know all their belongings will be moving too and reassure them that nothing will be forgotten. Tell them all of the good points about the new house (perhaps it’s closer to family/ friends or to the school/ nursery they go to, maybe a bigger house and garden for them to play in). If you can, try to take them to see the house before the move. Help them to visualise where all their toys will go and talk about all the exciting things you’ll be able to do together once the move is complete.

6.) Arrange for your utilities (Gas, Electricity, Satellite/Cable, Phone, Broadband) to be moved to your new house, or request final bills. The usual amount of notice you need to give to providers is 31 days, however most companies will let you cancel earlier for a fee. If you are under contract it may not be possible to cancel, or it may cost you the remainder of your contract.

7.) Make an extensive list of all the things you will need to change address for. A helpful tip is to go through your email folders and make a list of all the sites you have bought from/signed up to. Here are some others that you will need to inform of your address change:

– Bank
– Doctor’s Surgery
– Dental Surgery
– Optometrist
– Local authority for Council Tax
– TV Licencing
– Vehicle Licensing and your Insurance Provider (there may be a fee for making a change of address on your policy)
– Home Insurance Provider
– Electoral Roll
– Window Cleaner (if you have one)

It can also be a very good idea to set up mail redirection. It can seem an expensive additional outlay but when you consider that the alternative might be someone stealing your identity, it really is worth doing.

8.) Send out change of address cards to family and friends. It can easily be done very quickly on a PC/laptop and printed out. It can also be helpful to provide your new landline number if that is applicable.

9.) Arrange special bags/ boxes to keep the kids occupied. Pack books, colouring pencils and paper, special soft toys and anything else they love to play with to keep them occupied on the big day. Also, pack drinks and snacks. It can be difficult to know how long the move will take and to plan dinners. Snacks are always handy for keeping little tummies going until you can get the basics set up in the kitchen.

10.) Arrange a removals company/ van hire. A quote from a removals company can vary hugely. The quote will depend on: how far you are moving, how many trips the removals company will have to make to move all of your possessions, what type and size of property you are moving from (if moving from a flat with flights of stairs to go up and down removals companies charge more due to the time spent negotiating the stairs). Always check the reviews/ testimonials of a company before deciding to choose them, ask for proof of insurance and don’t decide on the first company you contact. Get a range of quotes and ask exactly what the quote covers. You can also use a comparison site such as anyvan.com.

If hiring your own van there are some things to consider. Do you have the correct license for the van you wish to hire? Based on the square footage of the van, how many trips will you need to make? Do you have anybody to help you? If not, a removals company with several men or even a man with a van can greatly speed up the process.

11.) Don’t stress about the mess!

Don’t worry about the house being a mess for several weeks, if not more like several months. Moving house is a major upheaval and it can take a long time to get everything straight again. Keep calm, relax and be assured that it will get sorted out eventually.

12.) Take some time for yourself. Don’t run yourself into the ground because it can end up making things harder. Make sure you devote some time to simply sitting down and relaxing. It can help to de-stress for a while, particularly before bedtime

3 Mistakes People Make Before They Move

Whether you are relocating, downsizing, need more space or are a first time home buyer, at one point in your life you will be moving. Though the idea of moving can be stressful, the actual process of moving requires a lot more effort. After organizing and planning many moves, I’ve come up with a few setbacks many people have made in their process of moving which will help prevent you from making them. If you incorporate them all, you will find yourself 1) Packed efficiently 2) Moved into your new place in less than 24 hours.


Having the right moving supplies will 100% make your moving process efficient. One to two days before your move, make sure all of the necessary moving supplies are in your home and in their desired locations. For example, the average one bedroom apartment will require 35 boxes to empty out the room. Along with those boxes you will need a permanent marker, which you will use to write what room the items in the box goes in, and moving tape. If you want to be extra detailed, you could color coordinate each room to assure that after the move, every box lands in their respective room without confusion. A great place to get free boxes is from large chain stores. Typically stores like Wal-Mart stock their shelves and when they’re done, they dispose the hundreds of boxes at night. If you’re not willing to wait around, businesses like Half Priced Boxes and U-Haul sell multiple sizes of boxes at great prices.


I understand that we live in an era where we want to do everything ourselves to save a few bucks. Sure saving money is great but what about saving time? Maybe it’s just me but saving time is way more precious. Hiring a moving company will do just that. They come in and do most of the packing and moving. Especially when it comes to moving those heavy items, movers specialize in properly packing and transporting your belongings for you to your desired location safely. Most importantly, if they damage anything, they will either replace or reimburse you for it. They also provide all of the packing supplies so there’s no need to purchase them. Moving companies usually allocate 2-3 movers for each move therefore the moving process will take less time for them to do it then for you and your buddies to do it. It’s a complete win-win.


First of all you may ask what in the world is a Professional Organizer? Well in short, Professional Organizers, Clutter Consultants or Clutter Professionals, are people who remove clutter and create functional systems in your home to prevent clutter from re-occurring. They also pack/unpack and place your belongings in a more organized way in your new home plus, they will teach you how to maintain it. Above all, organizers will make the process of moving into your new home seamless. Your new home will look like you’ve been living in it for years. Hiring an organizer will prevent your home from sheltering boxes for months.

What Is The Real Cost Of Moving?

Getting ready to move? This might seem like the most daunting thing in the world, especially when you open your first drawer and you start to realize that even if you have a relatively neat house it still all adds up to a lot of stuff! This is when a state of sheer panic may start to set in! Hiring a moving company is not as expensive as many people might think it is!

The first thing to remember is to stay calm! I know this is easier said than done, but I thought I would say it anyways! Do it yourself moving is an option that a lot of people choose instead of hiring movers. This is probably not from a true love of hauling items up and down steps but rather with more concern for your wallet. Although this can be cheaper in theory, one of the most common problems that truck rental companies have is people needing to take a lot more time than they originally anticipated or booked the truck for which results in unforeseen higher moving costs. It can take a lot of time to move all your items and to make sure you can logistically arrange them in the truck. Also having your items arrived damaged seems much more likely!

Hiring a moving company is not as expensive as many people think it is. If you are moving in your own city, many times you can get a moving company that charges by the hour and that can help keep your costs down. If you are moving farther away or even across the country the stress of driving all your items yourself and navigating roads that a larger vehicle can drive on can be daunting.

The number of items being moved also affects the cost. One of the easiest ways to estimate your moving cost is to use a moving calculator. The number of boxes, the size of your apartment or house and the distance of your move are all factors. It is possible to get a premium moving service with all the cleaning and unpacking additional services but that is not necessary if cost is still your main concern. Being someone who has moved many times over the last few years, I would recommend taking a look at a moving calculator to get a better idea of the costs for your particular move.

Types Of Moving Companies To Choose From

Many people find moving from one place to another as a very tedious process. There are many tasks which need to be carried out effectively with proper planning. This is the reason people consider it convenient to hire the services of a moving company. The movers can take care of all aspects related to the moving process to help you relax.

There are different types of moving companies that help in handling various packing, moving and relocating needs. Depending on your need and requirement, you may need the services of a specific type of moving company. The first step in planning a smooth move is to choose the right type of moving company. The type of move you are about to undertake will play an important role in selecting the right service. Moving abroad and moving to a building down the road are two different things and require different types of moving companies to handle the shifting.

Learning about different types of companies will help in choosing one that perfectly matches your requirement. Here are different types of movers you can choose from:

Local – Moving locally means moving from one place to another within the city without crossing state borders. Different types of companies have different types of permits, therefore if you are planning to move locally, it will be a good idea to look for a company that performs local moves as you can get good deals from them. Most movers consider a move as local if it is within the distance of 50 to 100 miles.

– Long Distance – It means moving within the same state, but the destination is more than 100 miles away from your current residence.

– Interstate – It involves relocating to a new state, irrespective of the distance. The cost will depend on the weight and quantity of your inventory and the type of service you choose.

– International – There are moving companies who specialize in relocation services from one country to another. The company you choose should have all the resources for coordinating and carrying out international moves. The cost will depend on the volume of shipment in cubic meters or cubic feet.

Movers can also be classified on the basis of service they offered:

– Full service – These companies handle all types of relocation needs. They not only offer transportation services, but also packing, loading, unpacking and unloading services.

– Self-service – Companies offering such service only handles the transportation part of packing and moving. Other parts are handled by the consumers.