3 Mistakes People Make Before They Move

Whether you are relocating, downsizing, need more space or are a first time home buyer, at one point in your life you will be moving. Though the idea of moving can be stressful, the actual process of moving requires a lot more effort. After organizing and planning many moves, I’ve come up with a few setbacks many people have made in their process of moving which will help prevent you from making them. If you incorporate them all, you will find yourself 1) Packed efficiently 2) Moved into your new place in less than 24 hours.


Having the right moving supplies will 100% make your moving process efficient. One to two days before your move, make sure all of the necessary moving supplies are in your home and in their desired locations. For example, the average one bedroom apartment will require 35 boxes to empty out the room. Along with those boxes you will need a permanent marker, which you will use to write what room the items in the box goes in, and moving tape. If you want to be extra detailed, you could color coordinate each room to assure that after the move, every box lands in their respective room without confusion. A great place to get free boxes is from large chain stores. Typically stores like Wal-Mart stock their shelves and when they’re done, they dispose the hundreds of boxes at night. If you’re not willing to wait around, businesses like Half Priced Boxes and U-Haul sell multiple sizes of boxes at great prices.


I understand that we live in an era where we want to do everything ourselves to save a few bucks. Sure saving money is great but what about saving time? Maybe it’s just me but saving time is way more precious. Hiring a moving company will do just that. They come in and do most of the packing and moving. Especially when it comes to moving those heavy items, movers specialize in properly packing and transporting your belongings for you to your desired location safely. Most importantly, if they damage anything, they will either replace or reimburse you for it. They also provide all of the packing supplies so there’s no need to purchase them. Moving companies usually allocate 2-3 movers for each move therefore the moving process will take less time for them to do it then for you and your buddies to do it. It’s a complete win-win.


First of all you may ask what in the world is a Professional Organizer? Well in short, Professional Organizers, Clutter Consultants or Clutter Professionals, are people who remove clutter and create functional systems in your home to prevent clutter from re-occurring. They also pack/unpack and place your belongings in a more organized way in your new home plus, they will teach you how to maintain it. Above all, organizers will make the process of moving into your new home seamless. Your new home will look like you’ve been living in it for years. Hiring an organizer will prevent your home from sheltering boxes for months.

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