Cleaning House Tips – How to Clean Your Room

I clean each of the rooms in my home using the same steps. Of course there are some variations to this depending of what room I’m are cleaning. For example, cleaning my bathroom may require different steps than cleaning your living room.

However, there are certain similarities no matter what room you are cleaning. Still, you should be aware of the room you are cleaning, because some of the steps may be different presented here or not needed at all.

Decide when to do it
Have you decided when you are going to clean your room? For example if I decide to clean on weekend, I make the decision at the beginning of the week. By this way I can prepare mentally for the cleaning operation to come.

Take your cleaning accessories ready
Most of the cases you may only need a vacuum cleaner and a duster. For cleaning the floors with a mop or when cleaning the windows you need a different set of tools.

Identify the ideal way of working in the room
Before entering the room, identify the optimal way of working. For example, you might want to clean the baseboards first, then levels and finally the floor.

Declutter your room first
In order to make the cleaning faster, get rid of the extra stuff first. This makes the vacuum cleaning much faster. Do this step before you actually start to vacuum clean.

Take care of the floors and baseboards
You are now ready to clean the floors and baseboards. Vacuum clean them next.

Mop your floors and clean the shiny parts
Occasionally you want to mop the floors and clean the shiny parts in your room, like door knobs. I don’t do it every time I clean.

Clean your windows
It’s good idea to clean your windows as well. Like mopping the floors or cleaning other shiny parts in my room, I don’t do this every time. This happens only twice a year.

Open up your window for fresh air
As a final touch, open up the window if weather permits, to have fresh air inside your clean room.

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