What it takes to Maintain a Sisal Rug

What it takes to Maintain a Sisal Rug

Sisal rug is hand crafted from the leaves of agave plant. The rug gives an earthy feeling, and this is again due to the fact that it has rough weaving. Majority of households across the globe like to include their Sisal rug at least in their living room or maybe even within the comforts of the bed rooms.

Rugs made from Sisal are comparatively easier to maintain. These rugs can be easily cleaned with either soft beating technique using a rug beater, or vacuum cleaning. However, it becomes quite important to ensure that Sisal rug is not wet during the cleaning process, or else there is possibility of warping or loss of color. In case there are wet spots on the rug, you need to blot them first, and put the rug for drying. 

Maintaining the Sisal Rug for Daily Use

Here are a few critical things that you ought to know and incorporate in the daily maintenance of Sisal rug:

Maintenance Idea#1

Remove the debris held within the pores of the rug by shaking – It is very necessary that all debris from the Sisal rug is removed gently through a traditional shaking process. This is also the simplest procedure to maintain your rug, especially when there is large quantity of debris or dirt being added every day. For shaking purpose, you need to take the rug in an open area. Usually area like the garage or a local yard can be a perfect fit for shaking. The regular shaking procedure will be perfect in this case. 

Maintenance Idea#2

Beat the Sisal rug with rug beater –Even after hardest efforts of shaking out the debris, you may still fail. There are finer dirt particles held up in pores of the rug, which are not likely to come out.  This is where the idea of beating the dirt and dust from the rug comes into effect. Again, you need to take the rug to either the garage or the yard and then gradually hit various sections of rug with a thick stick.  You need to start from the top and gradually move down to the bottom. It is necessary that you carry out this process repeatedly by moving from top to the bottom. Beating the rug is a good option if you are not able to vacuum clean it. 

Maintenance Idea#3

Vacuum clean the Sisal rug every week- With the help of suction-only vacuuming, you can quickly and subtly clean the rug and remove finer dust particles entangled inside the pores.Vacuum cleaning is recommended over beating the dust out of the rug as the latter may likely cause damage to the fibres. The results from vacuum cleaning are quite effective.

Keep these points in your mind when you are planning to maintain the Sisal rug for many years and get the benefits out of it. Also make sure that the Sisal rug is not roughed up with anything hard as this is going to seriously affect the texture of this beautiful rug forever. 

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